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A dream last night, you go through here, flickering situations, I break free from your arms, do not pull out a little wire. I move closer to the mulberry leaf spring to a rope in his arms, rounded body, sit near a corner in the spring until the sun slowly, over a period of gentle waves and makes Wun Sha. Dream, I wake you pro peel layer by layer, piece by piece infiltration, aware of your inner monologue, could not stop the tears. Across dreams, are you able to pull the time back in front of me, and we returned with a spring. Flowers, I use as honey eyes looked between people, such as weaving, they tempting look like a snow suddenly woke up. Snow King, running, climbing, or restless, spun a long time, and did not look up to the posture the heart of a dark, Cecil strands quickly open the knots speed, roll into a tree in the openness of feelings pear. Along the way so many trees, my state of mind, in a vertical Siweilian set down. Motherhood, I once again plunged into the river looking up at the foot of a wall of a row of Qiu Ju twist open the golden sun, elegant cat feet poke native chickens lead mixed with blue hanging in the top of the wellhead, as much as I move the hearts of waves flopping.

My obsession in a dream, love you, read you, find you. Even a dream Millennium, butterfly, turned into stone, into a period of running water; listen to the sound, looking for sound, to catch shadow you to retain. If the small world, we dance among the flowers, perched at the foot; the world, we find dinosaur home in its back, the sons and daughters around the knee and over. Come you to hold my hand, circle around the earth, and take off the sun as a garland, look at the ocean dance, watching the mountains laugh to see people live in dreams. Millennium if short, I would like into his Xuefeng, years, million years must far Who goes? Why do I wake up, I invented history. I want to sit in the Buddhist scriptures, the salvation of souls, a monastery, to withdraw from the secular metamorphosis wind the indemnity sound like rain; an altar tall won, I was standing at the foot, I do not know what to do? The coming year is good today woke up from a flurry in front of a tree on the magpie called three times and then flew away, the people Erque heart on did not go down. The dream has become a Shame, so many people wind blowing, the dreamer not want to stay too pale, as coming from the painting, how can curb my blood boiling.

I do not blame you, the moment is pointing to zero, I allowed myself to lie down, a person is one day, can not support what? Have to support themselves; a person is an army, shoot at me, history will be solidified in the moment, the land behind my place in the world, can not be violated. I do not hate you, the night of January watery water, such as waves, both of us figure the wind modified somewhat by month child polish, river sip wet. We sat on the slope of the month on the TV, like someone eavesdropping peek, I kept looking around, worried seek aloud. I still love you, reveals that shy look good shelter for me. Junctions, the point where you are now, if there is a shortcut, can extend over; so many people, you do not know for whom troubled. A glass of wine, a crescent, a song unfinished, you are a change of heart. I'm just a little red in the earthly eye wire on the lips, in quietly tongue. I do not know the depth of the Night Can sparks, I'm just a human body that drop of blood and pain. I was lying in water, cold and pale. I am waiting for, a crossing of the glacier, upright and over. I think we do not need to look too long, when a warm hand touch, it was not some inexplicable tears smear green. My feet, of course, crawling, still like ten lazy cat. I deliberately probe body to the front, to listen, a the mountain pressure in the sound of the heart Zheng bone.

This world and landed in the dust, it is difficult to extricate themselves. I saw black, a detached light numerous times to eliminate its flaws, jade in the back to nature, rather, broken to the extreme. I emigrated Cangshan under the warmth of the body, the hut is my humble firmament, Rinpu, surface water, a pair of butterfly in front, over the mountains. Unless Seamless repeatedly, you promised me the rest of the time we dream together. Fish also travel to distant lands, the flowers do not wither, cats do not woo meow chicken children do not crow, all account of tight-lipped, which closely match allowed bleak even light should stay when in estrus.
No one encouraged me Jiao love, only this time, you secretly recall dreams white account. Do not allow to say farewell, and not allow that life and death, too many contrived love will ruin. Singer one another is the future, you and I do, will spend, month, heart with invited. Because of you, because of me, because of the spring; under the Bitters drinking this cup, probably there will be a gust of wind, inadvertently intercepted a secret. A well-designed warm clothing to take Snow White made light heat. You allow the water to allow the river, but also allow the sea. Life not only in order to conventions, I love to open the flower on top of months above the top, as well as heart. You still believe in the arrangement of God, you do not come, I'm looking in a glass of wine. Fate, a dream.

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