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Families of the elderly is a blessing

Taking advantage of the holiday free time to go home audience with my mother. Back to the home I grew up in, and really feel at home! Home or the place I grew up living just a house change, more convenient living facilities, elderly ups and downs over dozens of annual, is full of hope and happy place here has become difficult to break away for the elderly place. Nice to feel at home! Wanted to go home after more than help the mother to do something, but the old man persisted in his refusal to allow me to do, and said: "your hard work outside the home to take rest now!" Every time my heart a sense of sorrow and grief - I want to cry! The tears can not flow! Looked at the mother's face has become more wrinkles, think I care for adults, teens left them very far, I have not been able to do something for the elderly, and to bring them but more thoughts and worries . Now, when I thought only phone each other a treasure, silent prayer in psychological parents healthy and happy! Days at home, my favorite is to accompany the mother to chat, I like sitting next to her every day, listen to her, listen to her nagging, occasionally puts in a few words, and, strange to say, never felt tired, but it felt have lots to talk about the topic, I feel indescribably comfortable, warm and sweet unspeakable. Will always be their child in front of my mother, I and the elderly more attached. Feel most of the time - flies often deliberately defy me! I often soon parting in secretly saddened! As the saying goes: "raise children discovered Niang hard!" My father, now parents really appreciate the taste, parents are often in the cold late at night to get up to look at you tucked people, is desperate to Sheng fish laden the meat themselves saying do not eat these things, when you travel to send you to look away until you get out their vision is still overlooking the intersection, ...... parents can give up everything for our children, and always will be the best, The most valuable left the child, the parents' love is unconditional lend without hope of return. "Juyu of grace, parents, children, newspaper also reported incomplete. Own troubles, pain is never easy to reveal to their children, fear of children to worry about, this is the parents. Dear friends, cherish you together with their parents every day, this is your grasp in the hands of true happiness and love!

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