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Said, anyone remember it?

This is a foreign film. A woman of the mountains, is blind, and she had never seen the sea. Day, she met a geological engineer in front of their own house. The engineer is a tall, handsome man, his woman did not was pure modern urban civilization pollution impress more enamored of her melancholy look. They were in love.

This is a period of Koreyoshi love nothing Request, nor had promised a woman. Only dream is just: want to go to the sea, and even listen to the sound of a sea waves.

But this dream can not be achieved. Soon, a man suffering from a particular disease, returned to the city treatment. Women's hearts the flame gradually extinguished, she did not know the real reason why men leave.

Several years have passed. One day, in front of the home of the woman suddenly came two strangers. His friends. They came to pick her up to see the sea. They told her that, originally, he would come, he thought their own disease, he has been waiting for the disease to a good day to pick her up. Now, he can not come, she will go dark, waiting for her. Two strangers said: "I ​​remember you said," the man said, "He believed that your eyes can see his soul."

He remember what you said. After the love faded bustling coat, but, however, is the one you said, the other collections at the bottom of my heart.

Some words, you said, you forget, others forget;

Some words, you said, you remember, someone forgot;

Some words, you said, you forget, others remember.

If you said something a long time, but some people still remember, then you'll be happy. Remember your words, away from the people of your heart. In this world, and you are never alone.

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