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Old carpenter's house

Old carpenter was ready to retire, he told the boss, said to leave the construction industry, home with his wife and children to enjoy their grandchildren.

The boss could not bear his good worker go and asked if he could help build a house, the old carpenter said can. However, we later see that his heart is not at work, he is a soft material, out of menial jobs. When the house is built, the boss handed him the keys of the door.

"This is your house," he said, "my gift to you."

He was shocked and stunned, humiliated shame. If he knew himself to build a house, he was how could this happen? Now he dwelled in a shoddy house! We are just like this. We casually "build" their own lives, not affirmative action, but passive coping everything refused excellence, can not make the greatest efforts at the crucial moment. And so we are shocked to find their own situation, and has long been trapped deep build their own "house". You as the carpenter,
think about your house, every day you knock into a nail, plus go to a board, or erect a wall built with your wisdom take it! Your life is your life only to create, you can not erase the reconstruction, even if only one day to live, day to live a beautiful, noble, the nameplate on the wall reads: "Life is its own creation.

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