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Always your turn

The bank has many windows. Each window was full of people.

   People always discharged to the team's shortest window to go, so you can save time. Sometimes you are lucky, but a lot of times, teams row short, does not mean it's your turn will soon be able to. Perhaps in front of you, there are a few people can not remember the password over and over again, then asked to report the loss; also want to take a lot of money, the staff will be busy for a long time, or they will quarrel and staff, endless . In this case, the processing speed of the other windows but seem faster.

    So you would regret their wrong team, want to change a team, but it was impossible.

    There are even more exasperating you into the hall, look for a window, row, row, and finally their turn, but the staff tell you: "I'm sorry, to get money with a credit card, go to the other window.

    Queuing is actually life in front of us there are many unknown factors.

    When you stand in front of people, it is impossible to know to save money how long it takes. Depends on many factors such as the length of our lives, and not around.

    We must have an open-minded mind, a calm state of mind, when selecting a team, we should take into account the others may soon overtake you, they get what they want, whistling away, but you can not be repeated, you can only slowly, etc. , need to be patient.

    We also have the courage to start all over again, if you are troubleshooting the team, you can not be discouraged, spotted what is really suitable for your window, do not commit the same mistake again. Slowly row, always it's your turn.

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