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A Different Halloween Craft Project For Every Year

If you are decorating your home or office for Halloween for the first time, don't worry. There are so many different projects to choose from. When thinking of a Halloween craft project, categorize your plan into three sections: decor that suspends, decor that sticks, and decor that sits.

A Halloween Craft Project For Decor That Suspends

No house is a haunted house without creepy critters hanging above our heads. Hanging Halloween decor is especially great for offices, too, since they are easy to make and clean up afterwards.

Black Bats

To make bats as Halloween craft project, you'll need a Styrofoam sheet, fishing line, white/yellow paper, black paint, paintbrush, marker, glue, scissors, and masking/scotch tape.

The first thing you will need to do is to draw the bat's shape on the Styrofoam sheet using a bold marker. Next, look for free bat templates online and print these. Cut out the outline and fill in the cutout bat shape with black paint using a paintbrush. Let dry. Cut out white/yellow paper into bat's eyes and glue them to the bat-shaped Styrofoam. You can also use Googly eyes. Now that you've completed your bat, attach the fishing line on the bat's head with tape and suspend on ceilings, doorways and windows.

Creepy Spiders

To make crawly hanging spiders as Halloween craft project, you'll need some strings, egg carton, black tempera paint, pipe cleaners, Googly eyes, scissors, needle paintbrush and tape.

The first step in making spiders is to paint the whole egg carton using some black tempera. Next, simply cut out a cell and let it sit with its hollow side facing downwards. Insert pipe cleaners through the bottom part to make the spider's legs. Glue on the Googly eyes. Punch tiny holes on the top part of the cell with a needle and slide thread through them to suspend in the hair and hang on ceilings and furnishings.

Halloween Craft Project For Decor That Sticks

An easy Halloween craft project for decor that sticks is placing fake cobwebs in your home. You can use stretchable cobweb material or thread. You can find stretchable cobwebs in any specialty shop. These are cotton-like material that can be stretched and attached to almost any fixture/furnishing.

To add more interest to your cobwebs, purchase a pack of glitter. Sprinkle over your fake cobwebs to give them that dewy appearance. Cobwebs are fairly easy to make. Just try to be creative to make your cobwebs stand out more.

The Halloween Craft Project For Decor That Sits

A Halloween craft project that simply sits is extremely versatile. You can use a wide range of materials and items that you can easily find in your home or office. Create a dining table for the dead! Carve up pumpkins and place tea candles in them. Make these Jack-O-Lanterns as centerpieces on your dining table. Compliment the pumpkins with dead leaves, twigs and dried flowers. If you are brave, you may complete the look by adding rubber rats.

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