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How to Make the Most of Beautiful Stones and Gems

In this article, I am concentrating on metalwork jewelry making. Now you have created a unique piece of jewelry that the woman in your life is guaranteed to cherish. If a piece is damaged, you will get an offer for repair by the company. There can be several variations in the settlement options provided by different companies, so be careful. This body art is reflected in many cultures for various reasons which may include religion, spirituality, fashion or eroticism. Iron and copper were used, so was brass and later silver. You can even make designs on a ribbon or a belt or even make a choker with the crystals. Wearing body jewelry can be fun and fashionable if certain precautions are taken before and after piercing. Native American Indian jewelry was, and is, generally classified into two main types - beadwork and metalwork. If it is very expensive, the premium will also be high.

Atsidi Sani was among some 8000 of the Navajo tribe who were captured and imprisoned at Fort Sumner in New Mexico in 1864 to 1868. In case you intend to be in the field of jewelry designing in the long run, you need to understand that you have to find the right kind of internships to be successful in this field. If you want to look for the right kind for yourself, you will need to search a lot. Contrary to websites, which commonly requires you to catalog data or pages separately, blogs commonly allow you easy control over themes and categories. This was actually adopting the Spanish crescent-shaped "naja" as the centerpiece of the necklace. So in case of a claim, it is better to have a separate insurance policy that would yield more coverage for you. You could make beads that vary in shape from round to triangle or square. -Stick on earrings have adhesive backs which stick to the ear lobe.

Bloggers love to write and are therefore more inclined to comment on whatever post you have. The remarkable shapes, sizes and colors makes swarovski crystals unprecedented. If you consider factors like low premium and broad coverage, then insuring your jewelry with a policy can be a worthwhile idea. Single drilled pendants are also available with which you can easily create your own swarovski collection of designer jewelry. But while a woman loves to marvel at all these store bought gifts, jewelry that is made just for her is even more special.


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Birth Stone Beaded Jewelry - Reflect Your Lifestyle

Jewelry should reflect personal style, and birth stone beaded jewelry does just that. There are thousands of styles to choose from when selecting anklets, bracelets and necklaces adorned with birth stones. Don't care for your own stone? Use your spouses or your children's birthstones. Or, a combination of all of them can be spectacular as well.

Ancient birthstones were associated with the zodiac. People believed these stones had magical powers and that they could protect the wearer. Nowadays it is slightly different, the birthstones are linked to months in the year, as opposed to the zodiac. There are all types of settings for birthstones in jewelry such as: pendants, earrings, rings and brooches. Giving them as a gift makes them even more special than if bought for oneself.


Garnet protects the wearer from nightmares, and from evils in the darkness. It is associated with blood, and come in colors other than red, including pinks and oranges, so individual styles and tastes can be satisfied.


Amethyst is a busy stone in that it supposedly helps protect its wearer and bring them calmness and tranquility, as well as improving the skin's luster and helping to prevent baldness. From lavender to deep violet purple, amethysts have a huge range of color.


Aquamarine creates beautiful birth stone beaded jewelry. It is a connected with all socially positive aspects in life: hope, good friends, love and affection. These stones come in rich blue-green hues.


Lucky for those born in April, diamonds are their birthstone. Diamonds are connected with strength, eternity and love. These are the most popular of all the birthstones and are usually always given during times of engagement and weddings. Diamonds are available in a multitude of cuts and even colors, and are always dazzling.


Emerald is May's birthstone and is a luminous green. These stones have a magical reputation and some believe may actually be even more rare than April's diamonds. Emeralds have also been connected with the ability to see into the future.


Creating birth stone beaded jewelry with the elegant pearl leaves all the other months jealous. Pearls are linked with chastity and angelic modesty. They are the purest of birthstones and are the focal point of any piece of jewelry.


The ruby, bright red and ravishing is July's signature birthstone. Associated with harmony and protection, rubies possess a natural fiery beauty that should also be possessed intrinsically by its wearer.


Peridot, a lime green birthstone that is actually a product of volcanic activity, creates a unique energy when worn by an August-born person. It is associated with protection from evil, and night terrors.


The ancients believed the deeper and more brilliant the blue dazzle of the sapphire, the more pure of heart the wearer. This birth stone beaded jewelry is linked to purity and faithfulness.


Opal is a unique birthstone as it has shades of all colors within it. There is much folklore surrounding this stone. It is linked to innocence and purity and is believed to have healing forces.


Topaz comes in many different colors such as gold, pink, blue, green and red. It is connected to strength and was once believed to render the wearer invisible during dangerous circumstances.


Turquoise, a popular stone is linked to good fortune and happiness. Colors range in the blues and greens, making this birthstone stunning in combination with red.

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Craft Project - Handmade Mr Chillz Felt Snowman Ornament

Several years ago while attending a local craft show, I spotted an adorable snowman ornament and debated on whether or not to purchase him. I ended up walking away and after I got home, I decided to make my own version of the ornament I spotted that day.

The one I saw was mounted on a wooden star. I chose to mount mine onto a pre-purchased felt star that already came stiffened in the package. (I found them in the felt supply section of my craft store).

Materials Needed

scraps of cotton batting or white felt
black and orange embroidery floss
stiffened pre-cut felt stars
4" piece of pipe cleaner
2 pom-poms
small amount of fiberfill for stuffing
all-purpose quick-drying craft glue
sewing needle (for embroidery)
white thread
4" piece gold metallic cord

Circle Pattern: Trace around the bottom of a 4" diameter drinking glass onto your cotton batting or felt. You will need 2 circles from batting to make one snowman.

Step 1: Using 3 strands of orange embroidery floss, satin stitch an orange carrot shaped nose to the center of your circle. Using 3 strands of black embroidery floss, use french knots for the mouth and then hand stitch on faux button eyes. (see photo for placement).

Step 2: Place your 2 circles right sides together and hand sew around the outer edges with a running stitch. (you can use a sewing machine if desired). Turn your circles so that the backside is facing up (the one with no embroidery stitching) and cut a small slit in the center and flip the circle inside out. Your front side with the embroidery work should be facing out. Lightly stuff the head with fiber fill and hand sew the opening closed with white thread.

Step 3: Cut a 4" piece from your chenille stem and use craft glue to secure it to the top 1/3 of the head. Glue one pom-pom onto each end so that your snowman has some ear muffs.

Step 4: Glue the head onto pre-purchased stiffened shapes, I chose to glue mine onto stars. Let them dry for 15 minutes and then attach a gold metallic cord for hanging.

Variations: If you are not fond of hand embroidery, you can purchase 4 mm round black beads and some black seed beads and glue them on to your snowman for eyes and a mouth. Instead of stitching a nose, you can break a wooden toothpick so that it measures 1 1/2" long and paint it orange and then glue it in the nose position.


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