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Handmade Jewelry Information Resource

One of the things that make handmade jewelry so special is not only that it is crafted personally by its maker's own patient hands, but also that it takes hours of careful, deliberate concentration to construct.

Every type of handmade jewelry is unique from any other jewelry piece in the world. No two pieces of handmade jewelry are ever exactly alike--making your own personal handmade keepsake a one-of-a-kind original treasure. Since each piece of handmade jewelry is individually crafted, it is practically impossible replicate its style. Handmade jewelry is particularly fashionable because of its natural beauty. Its decorative stones, beads and metals oftentimes sport tiny imperfections, which add quality and depth to each individual piece and serve as a kind of 'seal of authenticity' which proves that it was not merely part-and-parcel of a mass manufacturing chain.

Handmade jewelry has been prized for centuries upon centuries. The old civilizations of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt were extremely advanced in metalworking. Their perfected techniques were passed on throughout time to the Byzantinian, Greek, Oriental and cultures. Long before there were machines fashioned to design and produce large quantities of jewelry, the artisan peoples of ancient cultures were busy hand-working gold into thin pliable sheets from which adornments could be easily sculpted. Gold is, in its purest form, flexible and soft. It is liable to bending and twisting as well, which is helpful in the hand making of fanciful gold broaches and embroidered medallions.

Embossed decoration in handmade jewelry is made by first heating the gold or other jewelry metal, and then gently hammering a pattern into the back surface of the metal. The resulting embroidery is fashionably unique. It has a one-of-a-kind motif that can never be replicated in the same style again. This innate quality of rarity and distinctivness is what sets handmade jewelry apart from all other types of jewelry on the market.

Handmade jewelry is not only crafted from common jewelry metals. Oftentimes, handmade pieces include a mix of ceramic, plaster, or wooden beads; iron, copper, and soft-metal wires; ribbons or coils; and precious gems. It is this eclectic look of eccentric styles that appeals to almost every taste--even those of the world's pickiest and most popular fashionistas.

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