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How to Make Your Own Christmas Jingle Bells

You have probably heard the song "Jingle Bells," and I am sure that you probably have in mind what these already look like, but have you ever considered making your own? Making your own jingling bells to hang from the Christmas tree or anywhere else in your home or office, will remind you of the season each time they ring. Making them yourself can be a fun and easy craft activity for you and your family.

Most materials for this craft project can be found around the house, but if you cannot find all of them, then you can pick them up at your local craft store. Here is exactly what you need:

    Small metal bells (bell shaped or encased in a ball)
    Fake red berries and green stems on a wire
    Crafting wire
    Small wire cutters
    Colored ribbon

First, you will need to section out your wire so that you have a length long enough to thread through your bell and room to create a loop. You want to create a loop above, so that your bell will be able to hang from the tree or anywhere else it is hung. You also want to leave enough room between the bell and the loop to decorate your jingle bells. Leaving about a half inch or more should be fine.

Second, after you have measured out your wire, thread it through the area on the bell where it allows you to. Twist the wire together for a half inch or more to allow you to add your decorations. With the ends of the wire create a looped section. This will allow you to hang your jingle bells. Take the small wire cutter and trim the edges of the wire to avoid causing injury.

Third, take the fake red berries on the green stems and wrap them around the area between the bell and the loop. The fake berries you have usually come on a wire so that they are easy to use. If you are unable to find the variety that are already attached to green stems, then no need to worry. The green stems and leaves are just for more decorative reasons, you do not need them if you do not want them. Wrap them securely around the wire to keep them in place. Push them down so that they are closer to the bell. This should leave a little bit of space between the berries and the loop.

Fourth, tie the colored ribbon in a bow above the berries. You may need to tie them a little tighter than normal depending on the kind of ribbon that you use. The wider variety will work better than the thinner kind. If you are able to get the fabric kind of ribbon, then it will make it look a whole lot better as well.

Lastly, check around the ends of the wires. If need be, you may need to tape a little bit of transparent tape around it. This will help prevent someone from getting stuck and poked by the protruding pieces of wire. The worst thing that can happen is for someone to get cut by your homemade Christmas jingle bells.

These make a great addition to any Christmas tree or anywhere else around your home or office. You can even hang them in your car to keep with the festive holiday season. They make great small gifts to give away to friends, family members or co-workers. They also make great stocking stuffer for those who will be expecting presents in their stockings this year.

Give these easy Christmas crafts a try; you just can't go wrong with them.

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