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Vintage Handkerchiefs - Decorating and Craft Uses

There are many modern-day uses for vintage handkerchiefs other than their original use as cloths to blow your nose! Basically, any way you use fabric, you can use a lady's handkerchief.

Some decorating and crafting ideas are found here. Just think outside the box and use your imagination! You can search the internet for instructions on how to make some of these items.

Here are some creative ways to use vintage hankies:

    Baby's handkerchief bonnet that can be used as a christening bonnet and then one day be used as a wedding handkerchief
    Decoration on clothing - a pocket or collar on a vest, jacket, apron, or blouse
    Sachets filled with lavender or other potpourri
    Gift wrap or bag for a small gift
    Gift wrap a hand-made soap
    Bow on a gift package - gather the edges of a pretty hanky and tie with a ribbon - use instead of a gift bow
    Fabric shade on a small lamp
    Display a collection on a metal ornament tree
    Display a special handkerchief under a piece of glass on a tabletop
    Night light
    Guest books for the new bride or for a new baby
    Cocktail napkins
    Dining napkins
    Basket liners - use colorful hankies in a basket for the bath or bedroom
    Backing on a shadow box
    Doily - use instead of a crocheted or tatted doily
    Party favor around a candle
    Handkerchief dolls
    Handkerchief puppets
    Angel ornaments
    Christmas ornaments
    Curtain valance - lay several at an angle over a rod or clip to a curtain rod - some like to clip with old wooden clothes pins
    Sew them together and use as a fabric to make curtains, valances, shower curtains, tablecloths, table toppers, quilts, skirts, vests, dresses, or halter tops
    Drape on a diagonal over the edge of a shelf
    Tuck in a beaded bag for an elegant addition to your dresser
    Small hat as part of a child's costume
    Decoration on children's clothing - jacket, shirt, or pants
    Padded picture frame
    Small book cover
    Bulletin board cover
    Frame several together for a dramatic effect
    Tuck several floral decorated handkerchiefs into a ball vase for an arrangement that's always in bloom
    Pillow cover - use two hankies to cover the front and back of a pillow
    Pillow overlay - just tack to the front of a solid-color throw pillow
    Dream pillows filled with herbs

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