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Robin Hood Fancy Dress - 4 Accessories to Help Make Your Female Robin Hood Costume Look Authentic

Robin Hood fancy dress has become a very popular genre of fancy dress in recent years, thanks mainly to the number of films and television series that have been based around the infamous character from Sherwood Forest.

Although there are quite a few different options for men to choose from when deciding on a Robin Hood fancy dress costume, such as the man himself, Friar Tuck, Prince John and King Richard The Lion Heart, there are only really two options for the ladies.

The obvious choice of female outfit is of course Maid Marion fancy dress costumes, however there is an alternative. There are now some really cool female Robin outfits available at specialist sites online, but if you would like your female Robin Hood costume to look really authentic then you are going to need to buy some accessories.

A quality bow and arrow

The adult Legolas bow and arrow set is an absolute must for your female Robin Hood costume. Do not let the name fool you, this bow and arrow set is perfect for any Sherwood Forest character and should not be seen just as a "Lord of The Rings" product. Made from solid PVC, the bow is sturdy in construction and is around 46 inches in length. It almost looks and feels like a real bow and it comes with some foam tipped arrows as well.

A pair of tights and tangas

A word of warning, some of these female Robin costumes can be quite short and you might feel that your outfit is showing just a little bit more of you than you would like. If this is the case, then it is definitely worth getting some black ruffled tanga shorts and black fishnet tights, which will spare your blushes without taking any of the sex appeal away from your outfit.

Some authentic looking head-wear

There is a good chance that your fancy dress outfit will come with a Lincoln green hat, but if not there are some great hats that you are able to buy separately. Alternatively, you could always purchase a braided or pigtailed Medieval wig instead.

Appropriate footwear

As with many types of outfit, your choice of footwear plays a huge part in how your ladies Robin Hood costume will look. A pair of black patent stretch thigh high boots, with a zip and a 3.75 inch stiletto heel, will complete your female Robin Hood fancy dress costume perfectly.

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