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How to Make a Hand Tool Holder For Jewelry Tools

Materials needed

Safety glasses

6" x 2" x length (negotiable) piece wood

Drill or drill press

3/16, 1/4. 1/2" drill bits



Marking pen

Scrap wood

When making handmade jewelry, many tools are needed.  A holder for jewelry tools-pliers, small cutters, pin vises, crimper, files, saw blades and marking pens- will make your

work bench much neater and assist you  quickly find the right tool for the job at hand.  Inventory the tools you have in each category.  It might be feasible to make a holder

for each group of tools.  Cutters will stay sharper if the cutting edge is not in contact or jostled against other tools.  Using calipers, check the widest part of the end of

the tool to be inserted in the holder.  Most jewelry tool handles measure one fourth inch and one half inch.  File handle diameters are much smaller.  Hold two tools upright on

the board and decide how far apart to place them, keeping in mind the different sizes of the handles.

Organize groups of tools and decide on the overall length of wood needed for all the tools or groups of tools.  Insert the drill bit in the drill or drill press.  Make two

practice holes in a scrap of wood to see how the pliers fit, check the width and depth of the holes as well as the spread of the handles.  Set the drill press to the needed

depth or mark the depth on the drill bit with a bit of tape or a marking pen mark on the bit.  Measure the spread of the handles.  Use an average spread number since a slight

mount of tension will help the tool stand upright.  Draw two parallel lines on the board with an X mark for placement of each hole.

Saw blades can also be stored in a similarly made holder with the sizes of the blades marked on the wood at each hole.

Files can be stored in a wooden tool holder made with 3/16" holes or together in a small tomato paste can.  Fasten the can to a wooden base to prevent  frequent tipping over. 

Place a hole in the bottom of the can and place a screw through the bottom of the can into the wood to prevent tipping.  Markers and simple pin vises will fit in 1/2" holes. 

These can be grouped along with the files and a scribe.

You can find many more tools to include in holders.

My workbench is made from an old oak table.  To quickly measure wire, I mounted a metal ruler on one edge of the bench.  After using my holder, I have decided that tool holders

should be fairly short in length.  I pull the group currently being used forward to the work area.  Infrequently used tools can be pushed to the back of the work table or stored

on a shelf and pulled forward as needed.  The first holder I made was quite long.  I have decided to group my tools into shorter holders.  Using a tool holder is much quicker

and more efficient than rambling through a container or drawer.


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