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Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies Every Beginner Needs

If you are considering a career in jewelry designing, then it is important for you to understand the type of jewelry making supplies you will need to get started with. You may have already gone through few tutorials or have done a jewelry designing course which would have given you basic idea of the type of supplies you are going to work with. But, in order to start creating your pieces, you will need some very important jewelry making supplies. The best thing to do is buy wholesale jewelry making supplies because this will ensure that you have enough things to work with when you begin your career.

Here's a look at the most important wholesale jewelry making supplies every beginner needs.

Jewelry Making Tools

There are many different types of tools you will need as a beginner. These include:

Wire cutters - you can use these to cut stringing wire, headpins and eyepins. If you are going to work with memory wires, you will need specialised tool known as memory wire cutters. This kind of wire cannot be cut with the basic wire cutters as they will leave dents on the cutting edges and make your cutter useless.

Round nose pliers - these are useful for making loops or rounded wire elements.

Chain nose pliers - the inside jaws of these pliers are flat so gripping any kind of wire is easy. When buying, ensure that your chain nose pliers have a smooth inside so they don't leave ridges on your wire when you cut them.

Flat nose pliers - they have a wider surface so it is easy to grip wire.

Crimp tool - when you use crimp beads in your project, you will need a crimp tool to secure the clasps to the beading wire so the beads are kept in place. This tool is extremely important and it is a must have for every beginner jewelry designer.

Some of the other wholesale jewelry making supplies that you will need include the following:

Wholesale beads

With so many different types of beads available, it is not difficult to find the right type for your beading or jewelry making project. You can consider acrylic, plastic, wood, pearl, glass or other types of beads. Since these beads are extremely affordable and widely available, you won't have any problems in finding the right type of beads for your project. You can buy a single type of wholesale beads or a mixed lot.

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Jewelry Display Boxes - What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Jewelry display boxes are ideal for showcasing pretty jewelry in your store in a convenient yet enticing manner to get browsers eyes locked on the beautiful pieces. You can also buy trays and stands to complement your boxes.

They are usually made from acrylic and are always built with strong metal frames. Aluminum is mostly used for holding the acrylic case safely as its a cheap metal but is durable enough to get the job done. They always come with locks and safety measures and are the kind that come with tough removable shelves as well as non-slipping rubber feet for easy movement.

Specific boxes display certain amount of jewelry at a time. So it is advisable that you consult the size according to your needs and have them custom made. They always come with rear locks at the back.

High impact and lucid acrylic is preferred by most jewelry shop owners for displaying their wares. Often acrylic cases with UV protection are advised to be used for protecting certain materials in jewelry items.

High quality crafted jewelry boxes with plush cushioning and casing are also important. They make jewelry packaging a unique experience. One can also store personal jewelry in these richly colored and vibrant boxes. They accommodate beautiful jewelry and compliment the very beauty of uniquely expensive adorning items.

Fine jewelry boxes always remain in great taste with women. The best of jewelry will always deserve elegant packing and pretty packaging which one can render through plush jewelry boxes. One can keep their prized jewelry pieces in these boxes or even use them as special display units in markets.

A vast assortment of these luxuriant boxes are always available and ready to be shipped at your please on demand from many online dealers. The Internet is the best place to buy them as you can specify the exact style and size you require. You'll also be hard pressed to not find a bargain online as overheads are lower. So we have a easier and more cheaper method that allows you time to make a careful selection - what's not to love about that?!

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Rhinestone Jewelry - Finding The Perfect One

Rhinestone jewelry is one sough after gem when we are talking about jewelries. As such, its vibrant color and even shining structure makes it really a must have in any jewelry boxes. It is no wonder that many world renowned crowns of beauty pageants fairly incorporate rhinestones alongside with diamonds and any other expensive gems in the market today.

Finding the right rhinestone jewelry is in fact very tedious. However, there are procedures that will help you locate the right one. Here are a few tips.

First of all you need to identify what kind of rhinestone jewelry you would be using. Ask yourself, do you need only a pair of earrings, or perhaps a lavish necklace? Are you considering a set or not? It is here you can filter out your options on the probable item you would be looking.

Next would be identifying when and where you would use the said jewelry. If it is for one party say for instance a wedding it would be appropriate that you find the ones that are really attractive. It would be safe also that you will get the big ones. However, if it is just for daily affairs like going to your workplace, get the subtle ones so it won't be that eye catching. Even more you can safeguard your jewelry against thief and the like.

Last thing that you need to consider in order to get the right rhinestone jewelry would be your budget. As much as possible you have to get something that is within your budget. Do not buy a piece that is too pricey for you and you only get to use for a couple of times. Be practical. You can always get one that is cost effective.

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