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Why You Should Consider Buying Gorgeous Loose Beads

If you pay a visit to a bead supplier on the internet, or on the local high street, you will notice that a lot of the beads are available in bumper packs which contain tens or hundreds of beads, and are available for you to buy in bulk. These packs are great if you are working on a big project and need a lot of pieces for your work, however, sometimes you do not need that many identical beads. If this happens to you, there is no need to worry, because many items are available loose, and not as part of a bigger set.

Buying loose beads is a great way to get hold of just a couple of the beads which you want or need for your jewelry items, without having to buy a larger bag of beads which you may not have use for. Buying loose beads will allow you to buy a few red beads, and a few green beads, and so forth, if you are trying to create a special bracelet or necklace which is made up of a wide variety of different colored pieces. Buying loose beads is also a perfect alternative to buying a whole extra set of beads, if you only find yourself one or two beads short of the number which is required for your creation.

As well as jewelry making, there are plenty of other uses for loose beads, so buying them loose is a great way to explore your creative side. One practical idea which you can try out if you purchase large, chunky specimens is to use these as replacement counters for the counters which come in board games. It is very easy to lose or break board game counters, and the counters often get lost or broken in old family favorites. Although it is possible to buy replacement counters for some games, direct from the manufacturers, this can be very expensive. Some board games manufacturers don't even offer replacement counters, instead preferring that you buy the whole board game again if you really want the same pieces. Rather than throwing your board games away if you lose the counters, using chunky beads is a fantastic, low cost alternative, which will mean that you can continue to play your favorite games. Buy a selection of chunky, loose beads in different colors or shapes, so that they can be easily identified or differentiated between whilst the game is in play. Some people prefer to use heavier beads as counters, because the weight of the bead will make it feel more like a counter. Square or unusually shaped beads with flat edges are better for use as counters than round, ovoid or cylindrical ones are, because they will not roll away during game play.

There are plenty of other uses for loose beads than those mentioned above. If you see beads which you like, they may only be available in packs, but it is worth enquiring as to whether you can buy these beads loose as well.


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