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Five Tips To Saving Money On Wholesale Beads And Other Crafting Materials

While beading and other bead crafts can be both fun, and highly profitable, buying the supplies can be costly. Depending upon your needs, you might want to consider buying wholesale beads, as well as other supplies for the least amount of money possible. This will not only guarantee that you have what you need on hand, finding the right source could lead to considerable future savings as well, as you become more proficient at dealing.

Wholesale Distributors

There are wholesale distributors for most anything these days, especially on the Internet. When it comes to wholesale beads, check out companies that have beading in their name, as opposed to those that have hobby or craft. Too often, the majority of their inventory is devoted to more than just beads, while beading companies will trade only in beads and associated findings and hardware, with much better price breaks.

Auction Sites

People whose stock and trade business is to buy up bulk supplies will often post their finds on auction sites, like Wholesale beads are no exception, as well as other crafting supplies, like wire, nylon threads or findings. These will be found in the open auction areas, often designated 'as is', which means any defects or damage found is your problem.

Estate Sales

If you want wholesale amounts or smaller, and do not want to search the wholesale sites, then you might want to check out companies that specialize in estate sales. This can be especially helpful in turning up quality pieces for resale, often only requiring a light cleaning. Also, damaged jewelry can also be used as components, if need be, lessening the costs even more.

Shopping Clubs

The retail giants, like Wal-Mart, will often have separate loyalty clubs or discount outlets, where you can purchase bulk or discounted items. Even if they do not carry beads, per se, they will still have some of the other mainstays of the craft, like wire, nylon threads and tools.

Directly From The Manufacturers

Suppliers of beading components may come and go, but one constant has always been the manufacturers themselves. To a prospective buyer, especially one that is interested in buying in bulk, they may offer some considerable discounts. The savings will multiply even more if you go for discontinued items. This gives you hard to find supplies, and the potential to resell what you do not need, at a premium price.


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