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4 Ways You Can Save Money On Beads For Jewelry Making

One of the most popular, and profitable, hobbies these days is that of bead jewelry making, with wholesale beads quickly becoming the number one material sold to hobbyists everywhere. It makes sense that if you are planning on doing such projects part-time, or even full-time, that you would want to save money by finding reasonable sources for your supplies, at the lowest prices possible. In this article, we will cover some of those sources for you, especially how to find the best solution possible.

Wholesale Suppliers

Pick up any magazine or other periodical devoted to the lucrative hobby of bead jewelry making, and the first thing that you will notice is the number of ads within for wholesale suppliers and distributors for wholesale beads and other supplies. If you are planning on working this craft for profit, the sliding pricing scales provided by outfits like these will most likely suit your needs. If you are just planning on dabbling in it, you might want to find a better source that can supply you with smaller amounts. However, for the more expensive beads, the wholesalers cannot be beat for crystals, gemstones and precious metals, like sterling silver and gold.

Craft And Department Stores

For those who are looking for smaller amounts when it comes to beading supplies, paying a visit to the local craft stores, and even some department stores for your crafting needs. These stores will carry both loose stones and beads, as well as findings and closures to create beautiful handmade works of art. The packages here will contain smaller amounts, but they are all still priced very reasonable, considering the materials involved. Your best bet would be to hit the craft stores first, including fabric stores, for the best selections.

Online Auction Sites

Websites like regularly feature auctions of wholesales beads, generally available in greater quantities than what is often available elsewhere. The sources for these auctions are usually wholesalers and distributors that are looking to unload older stock, in favor of bringing the latest designs. Because the quantities are larger, and subject to bidding, even clicking on the "buy it now" button will net you considerable savings, more than the usual sliding scales will get you.

Thrift Stores

Thrift and resale stores will often get older beads and supplies as part of an estate, or from storage lockers. There is even finished pieces available, usually greatly reduced in price due to age or slight damage. A savvy jewelry maker can purchase bags full of "broken" jewelry, and either repair for resale, or create new masterpieces utilizing the beads and findings from the older pieces.


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