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Things You May Not Know About Aluminum Beads

There are some things you may not know about aluminum beads. You likely know that they can be used to create jewelry items or to decorate clothing and accessories. You may know that they are relatively inexpensive and very common.

You may not know that you can purchase aluminum beads online at prices far lower than what is charged in crafting supply stores in your local mall. The online merchants will often make you an even better deal on the purchase of these items if you buy in bulk quantities. Try to order more than five hundred of each size and shape to get the lowest possible price.

You may not know that aluminum beads are often called seed beads by the distributors. They can be used for weaving on a loom and for off-loom weaving purposes. These items are frequently used as spacers between more elaborate and costly beads when people are creating a beaded design.

You may not know that aluminum beads come in different sizes. The largest ones you will find are generally a one aught and the smallest ones you will find will be the 24 aught. When these items are larger than the one aught they are referred to as crow beads and not as seed beads.

You may not know that you can get these items with color that has been placed inside the bead and they are called color lined beads. You can also get these items with bronze linings painted in them, gold linings painted in them, silver linings painted into them.

When the beads are longer and more tubular they are called bugle beads. These beads are often thicker than the traditional aluminum beads are, and very sturdy. Bugles are almost always used as a spacer between different beads of a higher value. The bugles give the higher value beads the opportunity to shine and stand out.

When polished to a high shine and paired with solid black glass beads the aluminum beads make a striking piece of costume jewelry. Pairing them with a glass bead of one color allows the colors to pop and the piece to look more expensive than they are. Many people often confuse these cheaper beads with silver beads because of their intense shine and reflect ability.

One way to save money on these items is to find a group of people that also need them and order them by the thousands from a wholesale bead distributor. You will get the individual beads for only pennies each and this will allow you to make more pieces of jewelry and keep the prices of those pieces to a minimum.

A lot of people do not know that these items make great decorative pieces to sew on denim jeans, jackets, purses, headbands, and scarfs. Most people think only of necklaces and bracelets when they think of the beads. You can also make striking earrings and anklets using these beads and some glass beads for color.


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