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Form a "Bead-Group" to Purchase Wholesale Charms

Have you ever wished that you could buy wholesale charms for your beading crafts? Wholesale charms are much cheaper than the full price retail versions. When you pay retail prices for charms you might pay as much as four dollars for one bead, and when you buy wholesale charms you might pay as little as a few pennies for one bead.

There is no cheaper way to purchase decorative beads than to buy wholesale charms from online suppliers. Online merchants have lower overhead costs than brick and mortar stores so they sell their items at a fraction of the cost. The biggest problem with purchasing these items online is that you are going to have to buy a large quantity of each bead in order to get the reduced rates.

You probably cannot imagine how you will store, or use, several hundred beads that are all identical. You could reduce the number of beads you get at one time by forming a "bead group" for purchasing purposes.

A bead group is a collective group of individual beadings enthusiasts who combine resources for the purpose of buying wholesale charms and jewelry making supplies. The members of the group shop for a good price on beads and charms, then they place the order and split the cost. When the items arrive they divide them equally amongst the purchasers.

Everyone gets to save money while they also get to have a wider assortment of crafting supplies. Jewelry making, and beading is more fun if you have a lot of different colors, shapes, and sizes of materials to use in your project designs.

To start a bead group you can ask any of your friends who make similar items to yours if they would like to form a co-operative purchasing group. You can also print flyers detailing what type of items the group will be buying and post these flyers at your work place, or on the bulletin board at your church.

There are a lot of blog sites that are dedicated to these crafts. You can go on one of the blog sites and advertise your intentions for the group. You might find a large number of people interested in joining forces with you.

You should establish a pay-pal account, or an account similar to pay pal so that all of the members can deposit their money into the fund and the fund could be used to pay the online supplier. That will prevent one member from having to pay for the items and then trust that the other members pay them back in a timely manner. By establishing an account with these online payment funding sources you can also have members from all over the country belonging to one bead group.


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