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What Sorts Of Glass Beads Are Available For Jewelry Making?

If you like beading, then the chance is that you will have bought and used glass beads in the past. These beads are amazingly versatile and they are incredibly popular amongst beaders because of the many creative options that they offer. Their versatility is actually increased by the amazingly wide range of styles of glass beads that there are available to purchase from online bead sellers. Here are just a few of the different types of glass beads that you can buy:

European-style beads
These beads are alternatively known as troll beads, or Pandora-style beads. They are larger, wheel-shaped beads with a chunky hole, so that they can be threaded onto materials with a very thick gauge. They are usually weightier than regular glass beads, so that they feel like higher-quality items. European-style beads are very fashionable, and they have been spotted on a lot of different celebrities. They are often used as space savers in charm bracelets, to prevent all of the charms from clashing together.

Crystal beads
Although many people think that crystals are expensive gemstones, most crystal beads are actually made out of carefully cut and polished glass. It is possible to make crystal glass beads out of clear glass or colored glass. Cutting smooth "faces" into glass can help to make it sparkle brilliantly. The angles that these faces have been cut at can have an effect on the way in which the crystal shines. There are many different cuts available, and the cost of crystal beads can often vary depending on what type of cut you are interested in. The beads which are the most expensive are the ones which have needed the most work to shape and polish.

Seed Beads
These incredibly delicate beads are often used in embroidery and other crafts, as well as jewelry making. Because of their tiny size, it is possible to sew them onto clothes or other fabrics without having to worry about the weight of the bead "pulling" on the fabric too much, which could cause damage to the fabric. They are often used in place of sequins on clothing which is designed to sparkle. These tiny beads can also be used to add blocks of color in other projects. Most of the time, they are used in conjunction with other jewelry making supplies, or layered together with other beads. Because of their size, it may not be effective to use them alone.

Novelty Beads
Just like with all other bead materials, it is possible to get novelty-shaped glass beads. These beads can be used in a wide range of fun, creative projects, although you should remember that these novelty beads may be more delicate than other ones that you use, because they are made of glass. You can find items in as wide of a range as roses, frogs or teddy bears, and many more styles as well. If you have a particular shape of bead in mind, try looking at a retailer which offers its own online search facility.

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