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How to Make a Simple Gemstone Necklace

With gemstone beads, every bead is precious. Every bead is beautiful. A
little more effort is needed when stringing a gemstone necklace together.

First, decide on the design. Take a fishing line and string the gemstone
beads through it. Hold the string of beads around your neck in front of the
mirror to see how the necklace would look. When you are pleased with your
design, then start stringing the beads together properly.

For that, you need colored thread that matches the beads and some nylon
thread to strengthen the necklace and to needles that can go through the beads,
1 at a time.

Thread both needles with as much colored string and nylon thread as they can

Twine an end of the strings from both needles together Thread the needles
through the hole on one side of the clasp and tie decorative knots to secure the
strings to the clasps.

Use both needles and tie a knot as close to the clasp as possible.

Slip both needles through the first bead, one needle at a time, then tie
another knot to secure the bead. Make sure the knot is large enough so the bead
cannot slip over the knot. Slip the needles through the next bead and tie
another large knot to secure the bead. Repeat the process until you have secured
all the beads for your necklace.

Now slip the needles through the hole at the other part of the clasp and tie
a decorative knot as close to the beads as possible. Slip the needle back
through the previous bead to hide the string and then snip off the excess


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