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Christmas Crafts - Creative Ideas For Handmade Crafts

Christmas is a great time for family and friends to get together and celebrate. It is also a wonderful time to exchange gifts with one another. Most people buy their Christmas gifts to give to others but in my opinion; handmade gifts from loved ones are the most valuable to possess. Before you even think of buying from shopping malls, think of some creative Christmas craft ideas, so that you can personally handmade some special Christmas gifts for the special ones this Christmas.

One of the common and wonderful Christmas crafts are ornaments. Ornaments are perfect gifts as they can have many uses, like hanging on Christmas trees, placing on office tables, hanging on mobile phones or giving as items in party goody bags. A simple ornament can be made by just cutting out an animal shape from a felt or any unwanted cardboard, glued with big buttons as eyes and a bead as the nose. You can create any animal figures you love, using any colour you like. You could be very proud of these self-made cute and creative Christmas crafts.

Reindeer candy jar can also be a prefect Christmas craft idea. Look around in your house for any empty jar. Make sure you wash it clean. Find any brown felt or wrapping paper to wrap the jar up. Next, fix black buttons as the eyes, big red bead as the nose and curvy twigs as the antlers with glue. You may like to decorate the mouth with black marker. After ensuring that the glue is dry, let your kids fill the reindeer candy jar with all their favorite candies or cookies and there you go, a simple and nicely decorated Christmas craft.

For those who like to count down to Christmas day, Advent calendars can be creative Christmas crafts to provide an enjoyable way to do so. A simple way of making an Advent calendar is to get either a thick cardboard or construction paper and draw 25 boxes on it. You can decorate the border of the calendar with pure white cotton wool to create the feel of Christmas. Draw or print out pictures from computer of Santa Claus face, reindeer or snowman and cut them out. These cut out shapes are for you to stick on the 25 boxes. You would have to stick one cut out shape on one box per day. As such, you would need at least 25 cut out shapes. Start sticking a shape from the 1st of December and once you have completed sticking all the 25 boxes, it will be Christmas.

Another great idea is that you can make environmental friendly Christmas crafts by using last year's used Christmas greeting cards, Christmas wrapping papers, tinsel or little paper ornaments which you have to cut them out so as to glue them on small jars. Next, cut out a circle shape from any cardboard and punch a hole big enough to hold a candle in the centre. Stick the cut out circle shape on top of a small jar with sticky tape. There you go; you would have nicely decorated candleholders for Christmas.

There are still many creative Christmas craft ideas you can think of on top of what I have mentioned here. Your Christmas craft does not have to be difficult to make. With just some simple tools and materials, you can come up with your very own creative craftsmanship.

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