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Making Gemstone Beads With Your Own Hands

Gemstones are naturally-found precious stones. They have been a part of human culture for ages, used in the making of jewelry, in the telling the future and in healing. There is almost no ancient civilization the world has seen that didn't place a great deal of value on gemstones. They were always just thought to somehow be a conduit for the divine, and thought to hold healing powers. The making of gemstone beads can be a kind of delicate process. For instance, beads need to be drilled into so that they can be strung together. Since gems are materials that are sensitive to internal pressure, drilling is usually not possible on beads that are smaller than a quarter-inch in size. You will find that there are many kinds of semi-precious stones that make great material for bead jewelry.

Making gemstone beads at home, you could certainly go with polished stones; but unpolished raw stones can make for a really pretty effective too. While polished stones are polished manually or by machine for a deeply glittering effect with their depth of color and luster plainly evident, unpolished stones can be beautiful in their own quiet way too. You can find them at online jewelry stores. The actual act of drilling beads can be a pretty fun experience. What you need is a workbench with a small vise properly mounted on an edge. The vise is what will hold the stone in place as you actually work on it. It can be easy to scratch your gemstone on a metal vise. You wouldn't want that. You should probably use a little padding with felt to be sure that you protect the stone. Mounting the stone securely on the vise is about the most important thing you can do to prepare. Should it move in the middle of your trying to drill into it, you'll probably only succeed in cracking the poor thing.

What kind of drill exactly will use to drill into a gemstone? What you need is a light cordless drill outfitted with a 1/16" drill bit. You probably want to practice a few times on a block of plastic or something to make sure that you have a steady hand. Drills are not supposed to be plunged into a surface under pressure to work well. When you drill into the gem, you need to not try to plunge in too fast. Apply too much pressure, and one of the two, the gemstone or the drill bit, could easily break. You just need to allow the action of the spinning drill bit to make a tunnel through the gemstone. Pressure usually has no role in the making of a clean hole. You'll need to repeat this for each of the gemstone beads you have on hand.

But before you do, make sure that you study each bead that comes off device. You want to see if you made a mistake on any one that you would like to avoid on the next. Does the hole seem uneven? Is there evidence of an unsteady hand? Does the hole appear to have been made bang in the center or does it appear a little off-center? It isn't technical competence or anything that determines how good you get. It is plain practice, and skill with your hands.

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