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List of Top 5 Most Rare Antique Beads

Various beads come from different parts of the world and date back to over 300 years. Various people may not know which beads are antique and for this case confuse between vintage and antique. Antiques date over 100 years while vintage only date to be around 20 years.

Beads come in different categories such as coral/Amber, metallic, stone, glass, seed among others. There are various beads which have become very rare to find and therefore making them expensive. Some of the top five most rare antique beads include:

Excavated Roman Glass Discs

These are iridescence kind of glass disks that were cut from remains of roman glassware such as bowls or plates. This was during the roman era where they were cut into small discs.

Tibetian Coral And Turquoise

These are beads that originated from Tibet in the Himalayas. They are aged between 100 and 300 years and are placed in the five antique inland coral with turquoise category is.

Islamic Jasper Cube Beads

These are 3X rare antique from the ancient Islamic dating back to the 1700 century.

Mercury Glass Beads

These are a rich rare exquisite antique that is hand blown. They also go by the name antique mercury glass garland beads and are very special due to their material, design and color. They are made of gold satin and are very light since they are hollow.

The Filigree Silver And Jet Rosary Beads

This is one of the oldest rosaries dating back to the 1700s. It has whitby or jet beads which is a very rare form of carbon that is highly collectible. These beads were had cut making them have an irregular shape.

Antique beads from the Far East and Early European are normally highly prized and more collectors all over the world are still building this inventory as more deceased estates become available. It is for this reason that one will find most collectors being very passionate about the origin and era in which the bead came from.


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