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Beauty of Lampwork Glass Beads

For a long time now, glass beads have never failed to fascinate people from different cultures. Off late, people have taken an interest for lampwork glass beads in particular. Lampwork glass beads are highly attractive and can be worn as bracelets, earrings or even made to serve as a pendant. They suit all sorts of occasions ranging casual parties to formal dinners.

If you take a look at a lampwork glass bead carefully, you will see that it is made by trapping a bubble of air inside the glass. A torch is then shone all around the bead. This makes the air that is trapped inside the glass to expand creating a hollow space inside. In the olden times, artists used to melt the glass with the help of a flame. In recent times, artists have studios with kilns. They put the beads through the kiln to get them finished and annealed. The beads are then made clean by hand and checked thoroughly for cracks or uneven edges. Creating these glass beads thus require oodles of patience and only suitable for those with a keen interest in the craft.

Lampwork beads designed into bracelets or earrings can deck you up instantly. There are different designs suited for different personalities. There are many ways these beads can be added to make beautiful and appealing necklaces. Coordinate these with the right type of outfit and you will be on your way to dazzle.

These lampwork beads also make as perfect gifts. With a wide selection of colors and designs, these beads make stunning accessory pieces. Mix and match a variety of beads and designs to form a necklace, or dangling earrings. Then wrap them up and give it to your friends and family as gift. They are sure to love this unique yet stunning piece of jewelery.


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