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How to Buy Designer Beaded Jewelry

Looking for designer beaded jewelry can be overwhelming if you don't know exactly what you want. There are many beaded jewelry designs to choose from whether you are searching online, walking in a store or having it specially handmade just for you. It's easy to lose focus so let me offer you some suggestions to help you find the beaded jewelry designs you are looking for.

Who are you buying for? Are you buying for yourself or for someone else. What occasion are you buying for? Is it for a special event or for everyday wear. What is the personality of the person and what are their likes and dislikes. These are some important questions you must answer before you start to look.

Let's say you are looking for designer beaded jewelry for you. Jewelry is an extension of your personality and your physical body. Are you a small framed person or larger? Chunky jewelry with bigger beads and stones can swallow a small framed person up. It will look gaudy and all of the attention will go to the piece of jewelry instead of being an accessory on you. Opposing is a bigger framed person wearing smaller daintier jewelry that won't even be seen.

Color coordination is important. Know your color wheel. Pick colors that compliment your outfit you will wear the jewelry with or compliment your skin tone. Take into consideration if you want bright colors, mixed colors or muted. Picking the wrong hue or color can ruin the look of the whole outfit.

Natural stones, gemstones, birthstones and handmade lampwork beads add to the value of the beaded jewelry designs. Many lampwork beads were handed down for generations as treasures to keep. Decide on the quality of the jewelry you are looking for. The more valuable the stone or bead the more expensive the jewelry will be. Know your budget. Are you looking for something that is cheap and trendy or are you wanting higher quality beads that have a longer lifespan. In general the more expensive the jewelry the longer it will last.

Most important of all is how does it make you feel. If you are in a store you may be allowed to try it on. If you are not allowed to try it on or you are shopping online, keep in mind your first impression. Did it grab your attention right away? Do you keep going back to look at a particular piece? Don't underestimate that initial feeling you had. Our intuition, that many times we over look, we find was the right one in the first place.



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