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Seed Bead Earrings With Free Beading Instructions

Learn how to create seed bead earrings with free beaded earring patterns. Step by step instructions that incorporates basic beading for beginners, yet enable you to make beautiful earrings that you will love to wear.

These beads are the very tiny ones which are used in many seed bead projects, they come in a stunning range of colors, textures and are very popular in jewelry making.

There are many seed bead designs which you can either copy the patterns or create your own variation by using different colors, shapes and sizes of the beads. I enjoy using seed beads in creating jewelry as they can so easily blend into the design and they are really light weight which is great for earrings.

The first pair of earrings are created in beautiful shades of blue with silver and clear bugle beads and varying sizes of seed beads. I have used two strands of tiger tail folded over the ear wires with a random pattern on the four strands. These can be made quite long and by changing the layout and style of beads they can look quite different.

The next set has gold and cranberry colored beads but of different sizes as well as bugle ones added. Attached to the ear wire is a chain, and the beads are added to the head pins in whatever combination you choose. The head pins are then attached to the chain by way of creating a basic loop. This gives the effect of each head pin being at a different height, so you can increase the length on the earrings to adapt to your needs.

Making earrings is very rewarding as they are one of the simplest pieces of beaded jewelry to create. Here is another to add to your collection of earrings, you can choose your own variety of beads to suit the design.

Pearls just about go with everything and anything so if you love pearls, than these earrings will be just for you. They incorporate beautiful pink and white pearls with marching pink seed beads, along with head pins and jump rings. To begin thread onto an eye pin a 2mm white pearl, 7mm pink pearl and a 2mm white pearl and form a basic loop, but before closing attach this to one end of the chain that is 10 loops in length. With your round nose pliers open the loop on your ear hook and attach the eye pin end, close loop.

From here you add 18 head pins that individually have a beautiful pink size 10 seed bead then a 2mm white pearl with a size 14 pink seed beads added to each pin.


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