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The Truth About Making a Basic Glass Bead

Making a basic glass bead is not complicated as what others think; in fact you can make it on your own by just knowing the basics in making a = glass bead. The basics of making a basic glass bead starts from knowing the tools and equipments. You must also know the basic materials or supplies needed in making a bead. There are also different kinds of methods in making a bead and the most common used in making a basic bead is through lamp working. You must know all these things in glass beadmaking to make it easy for you to make your own bead even at home.

In making a bead you need to provide the different materials, tools or equipments in making your first bead. These tools and materials needed are glass rods, mandrels, bead release, bead torch, pliers, cutters, shaping tools, fiber blanket or vermiculite and wire wool. There are also some specialized tools in making a bead, like marvers, graphite paddles and moulders. Each and every tool has its different functions that you must know. Without these tools and materials you can never start your beading project.

Making a basic glass bead has procedures that you must follow. Read and understand the procedure in making a basic glass bead to have a good and perfect bead. You must prepare your mandrels first then heat the glass rods in until it reaches molten stage. Carefully wrap the glass rod into the coated mandrel until you have formed a glass ball. Continue heating the glass ball until you have achieved a perfect round glass bead. Let it cool to avoid it from cracking. Just simply follow the procedure and there goes your first bead.

Now you know these details in making a basic bead, you can now start making lots of beads on your own. You can even teach your family, to make beads together and have fun. Making your own beads can also be a good source of income and it may also be a great gift to someone special. Start now and create different kinds of beads and you will surely love it.


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