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Choosing the Best Rolling Book Bags

Book bags have certainly come a long way since older generations had to lug unsightly and uncomfortable satchels around. You might be forgiven for thinking that the children of today are a bit spoilt with their ergonomic rolling bags, but this isn't really the case.

With the increasing workload that children are experiencing, it's no wonder that the incidence of back problems and stress are increasing too. Heavier workloads, insane after school activity schedules and the constant pressure to perform all lead to a stressed out child. There is no doubt about it, the school children of today are subject to more pressure than earlier generations.

So what can you do to make life easier for your child? You can start by selecting the right school bag for them. Why add backache, exhaustion and strained muscles to their already long list of stresses and problems?

The American Occupational Therapy Association recommends that children not carry any school bags that weight more than 15 percent of their bodyweight. Anything more and they are placing a dangerous load on their backs. Rolling book bags are the safest choice for your child, and most of the models available today come with ergonomic designs to ensure maximum comfort.

How to select the best rolling book bag:

1) Looks are everything: To your child anyway! Keep in mind that school is a minefield of image conscious teenagers looking to impress their friends. Some of the latest ranges of bags are very easy on the eye, designed with a fussy teenager in mind!
2) Durability: The more you spend on a rolling book bag, the longer you can expect it to last. And nothing is more disheartening than spending a small fortune on a bag only to have it break the next day. When checking a bag for quality, you need to scrutinize the wheels and handles, as these are often the first thing to go. Also, check that the bag can handle the typical load that your child needs to carry.
3) Comfort: There is no replacement for time spent trying out different rolling book bags. The comfort has a lot to do with the right sizing, but also has to do with the design of the bag itself. If it has straps to be worn as a backpack, are they comfortable and supportive? Do the makers many any claims of ergonomic designs?
4) The right size: The handle needs to lock at a comfortable height for your child, which means no stooping or bending to roll their book bags.
5) A guarantee: There's nothing worse than spending a fair amount of money on a bag, only to realize that the wonderful bag has not survived its first day out in the frontlines. Insist on a guarantee and return the bag if it breaks!

Use these tips to ensure that you select only the best bag for your child. School is difficult enough without adding a host of physical complaints! With the right rolling book bag, your child will be able to carry everything they need comfortably. So that they can worry about getting good grades!


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