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Must-Have Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

If you are into jewelry making, there are plenty of different supplies that you need to buy to make the most of your hobby. What is more, you can actually buy a lot of these supplies wholesale, so you can help to save yourself money. Here are some suggestions for wholesale jewelry supplies:


Beads are normally considered to be some of the nicest wholesale jewelry supplies available. They are available in lots of different colors, styles and materials. Because you will need a lot of different beads to complete a wide range of different project, it is also possible to buy these items in bulk to help you to save even more money. They are also very easy to store, so you can buy a large number of items without having to be too concerned about where you are going to put them all.

Jewelry making tools

Jewelry making tools are essential when you are designing and making new jewelry items. Choosing the right tools will allow you to work quickly and safely. Using the wrong tools can be dangerous, so you are always advised to use a tool which is suited for the task at hand. Some of the most common jewelry making tools include pliers, wire strippers, and wire cutters. A pair of tweezers is also a great tool to have to hand if you are using tiny beads.

Jewelry findings

Jewelry findings are a very important part of jewelry, and they are therefore "must-have" wholesale jewelry supplies. These pieces are the functional parts of your jewelry design, and they allow the jewelry to be worn properly. Some findings are decorative as well as being functional. Commonly used findings include: clasps, connectors, ear wires, jump rings and head pins. When you are buying wholesale jewelry supplies, it is possible to get mixed sets of findings which include a combination of different components, or it is possible to choose bags of single components. Although you may think that you are getting more findings than you need, you will be surprised about how quickly you will end up using them.

Wires, Threads and chains

If you are making necklaces, bracelets or earrings, you will need to get wires, threads and chains to put your beads onto. These components will help you to display the beads in the arrangements that you want. They can be completely hidden from view if you decided to do full beading, or they can be integrated into the design, and left exposed at parts. When choosing these components, you will need to consider length and thickness. People normally choose a longer length and cut pieces off as and when they are needed, however if you choose a thickness which is greater or vastly narrower than the width of the bead holes, then you will either fail to be able to thread the beads or you will find that the beads are able to move around a lot more than they should be able to do.

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