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Are All Cheap Beads Made Of Plastic?

Plastic is an inexpensive material that is used to make almost anything, and everything that we use. If something has been made there has likely been a plastic replica of the item created as well. Most of the time when you want to craft something from inexpensive materials plastic is the material you choose. Many cheap beads are made of plastic, but not all of them are.

Cheap Beads can be made of glass. Glass beads are very common, they come in many different shapes, they come in many different sizes, they come in a myriad of different colors, and they come in many different price ranges.

Cheap beads may be wooden beads. Wooden beads are easy to create and a lot of people actually make their own wooden beads from twigs they gather in their own yards. Wood is readily available all over the world, it is easy to work with, it has stood the test of time, and it comes in many different price ranges.

Cheap beads may be metal. There are a lot of metals readily available to work with, and some of those metals are very cheap to obtain. Tin, pewter, and aluminum are some of the cheapest metals that are used to create jewelry making charms and supplies. Copper, silver, and gold are used to make these supplies, but copper, silver, and gold are higher priced metals than tin, aluminum, and pewter.

Cheap beads can actually be made from dirt. Certain types of clay are used to make ceramic beads. These dirt beads can have extremely reasonable prices according to their design, size, and the artistic talent that has went into designing them.

Sometimes you can find inexpensive jewelry making items online. Online stores do not have the same overhead operations cost that brick and mortar stores have. Because online stores have less expenses they can sell their items for less money. Some of the cheap items you get to make jewelry with came from these types of merchants. The item may be the exact same one that is sold at the local mall in your town, but it will likely cost a lot less than it does in the stores.

When someone tells you they have bought cheap jewelry making supplies they may have purchased their supplies in bulk from a wholesale distributor. When you buy a large quantity of beads, charms, clasps, or the other small jewelry making supplies the supplier will usually give you a discounted rate per piece. If you want quality items at cheap prices then you should buy your items in bulk.

Cheap is one of those terms that means one thing to one person, and another thing to another person. To some people the word cheap means that the item is a rip-off, that it is sub-standard, and that it is something they would not want to have. To some people cheap simply refers to the amount of money the item costs and does not reflect on the quality of the item.


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