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How To Save Money On Beads For Jewelry Making

Buying beads for jewelry making is something that is becoming more popular, as people realize that they do not have to be confined to the jewelry which they find in the mainstream shops. Making your own jewelry is an excellent way to show off your creative side, whilst also saving money compared to the prices which you will pay for readymade pieces from high street stores. If you want to save even more money when you buy beads for jewelry making, here are some top tips to stretch your pennies.

Online Auction Sites
Online auction sites are a great place to pick up a bargain, so long as you know you limits and are prepared to stick to them. It is often possible to pick up beads for jewelry making at fantastic prices, so long as you are prepared to watch auctions and bid at just the right moment. Although you may end up losing out on some beads you really like, internet auction sites are often filled with a wealth of items which you cannot find anywhere else.

Thrift stores
Thrift stores often sell old beads which are no longer in production or job lots of beads in which a few of the beads are damaged. Although a few of these beads might not be useable, it is often possible to find bags with hundreds of beads that do still make the grade. These shops are great places to look for retro styles of beads for jewelry making.

Wholesale stores
Wholesale bead suppliers are excellent places to look for beads if you think that you will need large numbers of supplies. Although you may end up with a lot of beads if you shop at wholesale suppliers, the cost per bead will be amazingly low. If you are planning on making jewelry to sell, then wholesale suppliers are an excellent choice, because they stock a wide range of top quality products at affordable prices.

Recycling beads from your old jewelry can help you to save money and will allow you to use beads or components which may not be available anymore. If you are no longer able to wear one of your favorite pieces of shop bought jewelry because it is broken or damaged, then you can easily recycle the beads from it, in order to transform it into something completely new and original.

Make your own
There are plenty of kits available which provide you with everything that you need to make your own beads. The most common kits available are those for making clay beads or acrylic beads. Using these kits may take time, but they will mean that you are able to create beads which no one else in the world will have. It is also possible to use tools to bore holes in items, allowing you to transform items into "beads" for jewelry making. Once you have begun to get the hang of bead making, it is possible to create some wonderful, bespoke pieces of jewelry.



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