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Our Little Red & Green Christmas Lodger

Every year, on the 1st December, we have a visitor. His name is Buddy and he travels from the North Pole to be with us. He brings gifts of advent calendars and he stays with us until Christmas Eve.

Now this may seem like a long visit, but Buddy is no ordinary guest. Buddy is an elf, specially trained at the North Pole under Father Christmas' close watch to keep an eye on your children on the run up to Christmas Eve. He reports back to the big man on the childrens behaviour and whether they should be on the naughty or nice list!

Christmas elves are becoming more wide-spread ever year - I'm guessing there must be millions out there visiting families through December!

Some elves are very cheeky little things! In the morning you may well find them hiding in the fridge, or surrounded by piles of chocolate wrappers. Some have been known to cavort with Barbie through the night, much to Ken's horror!

Other elves may be full of good intentions to do wild and wonderful things each night... But in the morning it may look more like they forgot all about it and have made some half-hearted attempt to be hiding, just minutes before the kids come down stairs!

Buddy flits between the two... he's been known to have wild parties with Star Wars toys, has wrapped the living room in toilet paper and covered the tree in the kids pants! He has also been known to have just hidden some nights or have hastily built a throne out of Lego... it's like he totally forgot to do something fun before going to bed!

It's always a sad occasion on Christmas Eve knowing he will be leaving us for another year! We pop him under our tree and he catches a ride home with Father Christmas when he stops by! Before that though he leaves a hamper! It will be full with our stockings, new pjs, snacks, a film, reindeer food and our special Christmas Eve plate!

So roll on 1st December! This host mummy is eagerly awaiting your visit and is hoping you'll be a bit more organised this year!! The children can't wait to see what antics you will get up to this year and hopefully they will be on their best behavior so they stay on Father Christmas' nice list. No one wants to be on the naughty list!

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