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Facts About European Beads

European beads are mainly popular because of their unique color combinations and fashion styles. Many different types of materials are also used in the creation of these beads. If you are a jewelry designer, it is time that you start crafting with these beautiful beads. When these beads are incorporated into bracelets and necklaces, they simply make the piece look stunning and elegant.

You can find different types of European beads today. Here's a look at some of the common types:

• Metal
• Lampwork
• Glass
• Foil glass
• Glass rhinestone
• Crystal

What makes them so popular?

European beads are popular due to a number of reasons. First of all, they are three dimensional beads. Their 3D designs make them distinctly different from all other types of beads available on the market. These beads were initially only available from some of the top jewelry outlets such as Troll and Pandora, but their enormous popularity and demand gave rise to many other artisans who create and offer affordable European beads. About 10-15 years back, only the rich and famous could afford jewelry made out of these beads and for them it was a status symbol. Today, they are widely available in a number of designs and colors.

European beads have large holes which is another distinctive feature of the beads. When they were first designed, the idea was to use them in the creation of heirloom jewelry so it could be passed down to generations. If you also want something small and beautiful that could be passed on for generations, then European beaded bracelets are the best option for you.

Things you can make with them

There are various things that you can make using these beads. Although they are generally used in the creation of jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets, you can even use them to make keychains. You can even design beautiful and elegant accessories for your purse and handbag using them. They can be used to decorate ornaments such as vases, wall clocks, table lamps, wall hangings and so on. In addition, you can sew them onto clothes to add a little sparkle to your jacket and skirt.

Price range

The price of these beads largely depends on the materials used in their creation. There are affordable ones available as well as expensive ones. You can get a single bead for as low as 20 cents if it is made out of plastic or acrylic. If they are made up of glass, then their price range starts at $2. The prices go up to $100 per piece if they are made using solid gold. Some of the beads are encrusted with gemstones and these also tend to be a little expensive as well.

Using them in the creation of jewelry

When making European bracelets and necklaces, it is important that you use fillers such as seed beads in between. The purpose is to hold the beads in place. Since the beads have large holes, they tend to waggle on the threading wire. Seed beads will fit perfectly inside the holes and prevent the European beads from waggling.


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