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Choosing Between Rounded Glass Beads And Faceted Glass Beads

If you want to buy glass beads, there are two main kinds of glass beads to choose from: smooth rounded beads or faceted beads. Smooth rounded beads have been carefully shaped and polished so that they do not have any sharp edges, whereas faceted beads have been carefully cut so that they have flat faces. If you want to make something with glass beads, you should think carefully about which one you choose, so that you can have the desired effect for your homemade jewelry items.

Faceted Glass Beads
Faceted glass beads or globules have been cut in geometric shapes, so that they reflect light in a different way to the way that rounded glass beads do. The corners of these globules should have been carefully rounded off so that they do not pose any sort of risk to the wearer. The smooth surfaces help to reflect light back at a lot of different angles, which helps to give the beads a beautiful sparkling appearance. The term crystal is usually used to describe glass which has been cut in such a way. These beads are ideally suited for use in projects where you want something that shines or sparkles. Faceted beads are a great choice for necklaces or bracelets which are designed to be worn on an evening out or any other occasion where you want to dazzle those around you. In general, the more faces the bead has, the more it will sparkle.

Rounded Glass Beads
Rounded beads have been carefully made using special glass manipulation techniques. Whilst machine made globules are normally very regular, it is possible to get handmade globules as well, which may be less regular in shape because of the way that the globules are shaped. Rounded beads are usually polished to make the surface smooth, so that there are no abrasive edges to hurt the skin. Polishing and smoothing the surface of the beads also helps to regulate the way that the beads shine. Although they will reflect light back, they are less likely to twinkle, compared to faceted glass beads. The beads tend to look more "dull" in color; however this does not mean that they are uninteresting for jewelry makers. These globules are ideal if you want something which can be worn during the day, as part of an everyday outfit.

Other points to consider
In general, it is easier to make smaller rounded beads than it is to make smaller facet beads. Rounded seed globules can be created easily, but facet glass seed beads are very unusual, because they can crack quite easily when they are being cut because they are so small. Smaller faceted glass beads can sometimes be more expensive than their rounded counterparts because of this. If you are looking for very small beads, it may be a good idea to consider round ones, rather than square ones. Whenever you are buying small beads, you should make sure that you do not leave any tiny beads lying around, because they can be harmful to animals can children if they are swallowed.


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