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Making Glass Beads

The method and technology of making hand-crafted glass bead is regarded as one of the oldest creative hobbies of humans. Egyptian faience beads are glass-like beads which come from a kind of clay bead which has a self-forming vitreous coating. They're perhaps the earliest from ancient Egyptians. In some cultures, glass objects were reserved for royalty. Owning a glass object is closely associated with owning other splendid objects. If you can afford it, it's yours.

What are glass beads anyway? Glass beads are beads made of glass. They're sometimes called lamp work beads. This kind of beads can be poured into moulds, cut and polished as faux gemstones, and can be stretched and pulled into any shape you desire. These beads can be simple or ornamental depending on the artist's preference. Different kinds of glass are used and colors are also played with to form the desired look. Before you begin to make your own beads and end up with bowl fulls of different types of beads all mixed up, take some time to learn how to organize your beading stuffs.

The first thing to study before using the torch and other perilous tools for glass bead making is to follow safety tips in jewellery making. These tools can be extremely perilous not only to you, but to others around you. When creating glass beads, you've got to melt a narrow rod of glass using a torch. The molten glass is wound around a mandrel which is a thin length of chrome steel. The space where the mandrel is set becomes the hole of the bead. Holding and turning the mandrel in different positions permits gravity which helps forming the bead. There are tools needed for pushing and pulling glass beads to form different kinds of shapes.

Working with a lamp to create glass beads is not very easy, but patience and practice will help along the way. You have to remember that you are working with glass and torch. You must learn different amounts and levels of heat that are obligatory for the glass to flow. Consider also the decorations you'll add and the different glass colors you can work with and even combine.

Glass shrinks when it cools. The beads are pulled out from the flame to cool; they are left out in open air that means that while the exterior of the bead is fast cooling, its within is still terribly hot. The uneven temperature resulting from this method will probably bring about a bead to crack.

Kiln hardening is a process by which both the outside and inside temperature can be closely controlled. The bead is placed in high temperature to make sure that all of the glass is uniformly heated. After several hours, the bead can now be put out at a comfortable temperature for cooling. But it's vital to make sure the glass beads you buy are all kiln annealed. For tiny glass beads, you may try cooling them from within layers of insulation. This method is different from the hardening process but it has proved to be effective for small amounts of glass. Most products and tools come with a set so always follow the beading instructions a crucial tool for beading if you need to learn and get it right.



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