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Best Methods for Distinguishing Pearl Beads

Pearl beads are one of the most popular jewelry beads for jewelry making. They are deeply loved by women of all ages, especially by the old women. Pearl bead jewelry pieces are available in the market with different prices. Some are costly, but some are very cheap, for their different design and quality. If so, how to distinguish the pearl beads? Some best methods are followed:

First, let's learn how to distinguish whether they are genuine or not.

1. Direct-vision method: Discerning their colors, shapes, sizes and luster by your eyes directly. If they are genuine pearls, the colors, shapes and sizes will be different with each other, and their luster will be uneven. That is to say, each genuine pearl is unique. The simulated ones can have the same shape, color, even size. Of course, the genuine beads on necklaces and bracelets will have similar colors, sizes and shapes as they were picked out carefully.

2. Feeling: You will feel a little cool when you touch the pearls if they are genuine.

3. Using magnifier: Using 5 times or 10 times magnifier to observe the pearls. Growth striation will be found on the surface of genuine ones (including the natural pearls and breed pearls). On the contrary, there is no growth striation on simulated ones.

4. Scraping: Using small knife or scissors to scrape the pearls lightly, only a little powder will be fallen off from genuine one, but you will get a thin coating from the simulated one.

The next step is to distinguish the quality if you are sure they are genuine pearl beads.

1. Pearl's luster is from pearl itself. It depends on pearls' quality and the perfect degree of crystalline solid. You can put them at a dark place when you purchase pearl beads or pearl beads jewelry, then the luster will appear. The brilliant pearls have high quality.

2. The color and cleanness of pearls are two other important judgments for pearls' value. Generally, there is no stain on the surface, and the pearls which have beautiful color and luster are very expensive. People in different places love different colors. In Europe, the cream and pink ones cost the most; in South America and Central America, people love gold color best; even in some places black pearls are people's favorite.

3. The larger and rounder is pearl, the higher value is it. In the international market, the most popular pearl beads jewelry is pearl necklace, even some are invaluable.

Today, there are a lot of pearl beads in the jewelry market. Some are genuine, the others are simulated, for example, glass pearls (solid glass beads covered with pearl powder) and imitation acrylic pearl beads. Although they are not genuine pearl beads, they have high quality, beautiful imitation of natural luster, and even rounder shape. So they have become jewelry makers' new favorite.



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