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Sourcing Beautiful Jewelry Supplies

It can be very easy to fall in love with jewelry. To some people, involved in the industry, items may seem to get better as they age. The idea of keeping jewellery items as family heirlooms, goes back a very long way, as the items appreciate with more of the sentimental value being attached over time. Although no one really begins a project with the idea of creating a family heirloom, in order to create any item you will need an adequate amount of jewellery supplies. Searching for jewelry supplies, should not be an arduous task. The very act of searching can be fun that can be used to inspire more creativity.

To make the process of finding jewelry supplies easier, and more fun, you should create a plan that includes what you wish to make, and the supplies that you will need. If you do not have a firm idea of what you wish to create, you can look at pictures and magazines for inspiration. You may need to do some research to find more about any items that seem interesting as special tools and skills may be needed.

Start by visiting your local craft or hobby store. They may have some of your jewelry supplies and tools, or they may be able to tell you where you can find them. It may be best to stay with speciality shops, as you be a bit more certain about what you may be getting. The other advantage of visiting your local hobby store for jewelry supplies, is that they may offer jewelry making classes, and by attending the classes, you may also get access to the tools that you need. You get easy access to needed tools, along with instructions. Your instructor and classmates may have insider knowledge, and know some of the best places to obtain tools and jewelry supplies at better prices.

The Internet, commonly called the information superhighway, can be a great place to find jewelry supplies and tools. Several websites will offer a free newsletter. You can sign up to see what is offered, but be sure that you can opt out or unsubscribe from receiving messages without penalty if and when it is needed.

The bookstores will usually have an arts and craft section, where you will find more information on making jewelry. The extensive list may include not just projects, but a variety of related topics, such as trends, history and influences. You can use the information presented as an important resource where you can find even more jewelry supplies.

When online you may find, not only sellers, but also collectors. If you visit sites that serve as auction sites, and you may even find supplies from private collectors. Online auctions and magazines or newspapers are other excellent sources for jewelry supplies and tools, as many people may simply no longer need them and will offer items at greatly reduced prices.



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New Trends in Jewelery Fashion - Bead Work

Since ancient times, jewelery has been a subject of lust and lured by all the women from all corners of the world and from all walks of life. From diamond studded crowns of Queen of England to the bones worn by African tribal womenfolk, jewelery has injected into the very roots of a woman's heart. It is not sooth that ornaments have not changed as per the needs and style of the era. We have witnessed constantly changing trends in the style of jewelery too. The transformation from the heavy ornaments to the trendy light weight jewelery is witnessed everywhere. Not only these, we now see a shift from the orthodox diamond and gold to the latest works in platinum, silver and beads.

These are the latest trend in fashion, and are far cheaper than the precious metals used earlier. Especially beadwork is the most recent phenomenon in the world of fashionable jewels. The history of beadworks dated back to age of civilizations, and the first bead jewelery was discovered in the Indus Valley, in the form of a stone bead necklace. Also women of many tribes in India and Africa are wearing stone bead jeweleries since ages. Stone bead jewelery can be found in nearly all parts of the world.

Beads differ in styles and materials. Stone, wood, plastics and Kashmiri beadwork are the major types of beads used. Beads can be easily crafted into fashionable products as bracelets, necklaces and armbands. Also the variety of colors provided is another ace up their sleeves. They can be easily purchased so as to match with a particular attire, and hence have became the right choice for teenagers who love to experiment with there looks. Also they are far cheaper as compared to the traditional metal jewelery, hence can easily be brought in large numbers. They also require less maintenance, and are hence preferred by the office going professional womenfolk.

Among all the popular beadworks, Kashmiri beadwork is considered to be the best because of the unique color patterns, designs and cheap cost. The most popular Kashmiri beadwork can be brought from any market, and it provides the customer to select from a wide array of styles and colors, without putting much pressure on its pocket. The traditional stone beads also held a steady position in the market, and are a choice of many because of the colorful designs provided by it in bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. These are trendy, and can be easily matched with any dress, whether a jeans or a skirt. They are easy to wear items, and do not require any polishing or any such maintenance. These are also much hardy than the traditional jewelery, and are a choice of working women all over the world.

The market of jewelery beads is constantly growing, and a large share of this is held by the unorganized vendors. Stone beads, Kashmiri beads, plastic beads are attracting women from all corners of the world. Beadwork is the latest trend in the jewelery market, and has a great growth potential.

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What's a Fair Price for Gemstone Beads?

Why beads are so expensive

On eBay, most buyers are looking for a bargain, but what's a fair price for beads? Machine-made beads are extremely cheap to manufacture - especially when most are from low-income countries. So why do beads cost so much?


The most expensive part of any product is the work-time involved. Not just that of the factory workers, but all the other people. Four or five middlemen may handle your beads before they reach you: the manufacturer, the exporter, the importer, the wholesaler, the retailer, and two or three shippers. Each middleman has expenses. Transportation and storage don't come cheap.


Often beads will crisscross the globe before reaching your local supplier. They may have originated from Tibet, then transported by train to a factory in the South of China. Then to a wholesaler in a large Chinese city, who then sells them to another wholesaler in the outskirts. Then they might go by truck to Hong Kong where they're stored, packed, and then travel by air to the customer's country and by road to your door. Sounds like a lot of work: it is!


Out of a bead merchants stock, only a few types of beads sell well, the rest gather dust taking years to recover their costs. Other beads get lost, damaged, or go out of style quickly. And often the merchant can't restock his top sellers because the wholesalers have run out too.


Then there's the cost of retailing. Shop rents and taxes are crippling, still payable throughout the off season and holidays. Online selling is cheaper, but a web store without visitors is useless. Hits cost money - marketing and advertising is a substantial cost of your beads. Auctions like eBay cost the seller over 10% of the retail price, and that's before the expense of getting paid. Paypay, credit cards, and bounced checks are expensive.



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