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Seed Beads - Tiny But Very Useful

Making jewelery at home is not a new notion. There are many people who have a creative bend of mind and channelize their creativity in this direction to make beautiful pieces of jewelery. And one of the most common materials they use in making jewelery is seed beads. In this article, we will look at some of the fantastic seed beads that are highly preferred, both by those who make jewellery and those who wear jewelery.

We will begin with Czech seed beads. The Czech ones are very famous for their beauty. They are one of the most preferred when it comes to making jewelery. Tiny they may be, but they are made with immaculate precision. They are renowned for being uniform in size and shape. Those who make jewellery on a regular basis, find it easy to weave these Czech ones.

Japanese ones are also quite famous. There are organizations which provide special kinds and, therefore, their produce is known after the name of the company. For instance, Toho ones are known after their manufacturer Toho. They are tiny but beautiful. When paired with others like bugle, cube, triangular or the regular ones, they help make absolutely admirable jewellery.

Whether you are looking for Czech or Japanese beads, you can find them and acquire them right from your home in UK. They are easily available through online ordering. Many well known jewellery web sites provide all the material that you need to make beautiful jewellery that can be managed with a professional touch.

Seed beads are often used in jewelery to fill up the spaces near the pendants. They complement and complete the design that any jewelery maker has in mind. Often, the attention gets diverted to the pendant of a necklace. But if we consider beyond the central piece of the jewellery then we would see frequent use of seed beads in different kinds of necklace.



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Seed Beads In Your Corporate Ladder

Seed beads are a great way to get decked up for office. They not only help you attain a professional look, they also help you in many other ways. Seed beads are tiny beads that are actually as tiny as seeds, hence the name. And since they are so tiny and petite therefore, they look simple and sober. When you wear them, you do not look overdone or unfit in an office environment. They blend with the professional dresses perfectly and also enhances your look.

A lot of people enquire about jewellery that they can wear at work. With many organisations focussing on professional looks, they make it compulsory for their employees and staff to wear professional attires and that includes the make up, the hairdo and the jewellery and accessories as well. And such obligations leave women staff confused about the jewellery part of the professional get up. So now leave no room for confusion and have fun with beads.

Yes you can add fun to your work and your personal work space with beads, especially seed beads. You can experiment with different looks and try various combinations to give you a different look each time. You can put on different colours of beads, different sizes of beads in a mix 'n' match style and give yourself a new look every day.

With Seed Beads decorating you subtly, you also ooze out a personality that is fun, friendly and affable. So people would be comfortable in your company. Seed beads make you look that you are trendy, fearless and open to changes. People would find it better and comfortable to approach you with suggestions and also the professional yet enhanced look can help you make a point and give out positive vibes. Therefore, in a way, it can also contribute to your dreams of climbing the corporate ladder.



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Stringing Seed Beads - Tips on Sizes, Needles and Bead Spinners

Since they are tiny, stringing seed beads often seems to be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Here's some basic seed bead stringing info to get you started:

1. Bead Sizes:
Seed beads come in sizes ranging from 5/0 to 28/0. The smaller the number, the larger the bead. 28/0 beads are really tiny and very hard to bead with! 11/0 is the most commonly used size. In an 11/0 size, you need to string about 16 or 17 beads to make an inch. Seed beads in the 6/0 size (about 4mm wide) are also called "E beads" and are often used in knit and crochet projects.

2. Beading Needles:
Beads and beading needles use a similar gauge (the smaller the number, the larger the bead or needle). A good rule of thumb to follow in selecting a needle is to buy at least one size smaller than the seed bead size. For example, if you're working with beads with holes that are equivalent to 11/0 seed beads, then use a #12 needle.

3. Options for stringing materials:

    Nymo, the most popular thread for stringing seed beads, is a colored thread that looks like dental floss.
    Another popular thread is Silamid. It comes prewaxed (for easy threading) and is stronger and less stiff than Nymo.
    You can also buy elastic nylon thread for creating quick and easy projects.
    Flexible beading wire, also called beading cable, consists of several strands of fine steel wire coated with nylon. These wires come in a variety of gauges (widths).

4. Stringing pre-strung beads:
To string the beads quickly, buy them already temporarily strung. Keep them on the string but feed your own wire/threaded needle through the holes transferring them onto your string while removing the temporary string. This way you can pick up lots of beads at one time.

5. Stringing loose beads:
To string loose seed beads, take a small, shallow bowl (sushi sauce bowls work nicely) and pour your loose beads into it. Run your threaded needle or wire repeatedly through the seed beads, and they will be picked up on your needle or wire.

6. Using a bead spinner:
To use a bead spinner (a stringing tool that consists of a spinning bowl on a spindle), place the seed beads into the bowl, insert your wire or threaded needle into bowl, and spin. The beads hop right on.

Don't let those little beads intimidate you! Stringing these tiny beads just takes a little bit of patience, and the next thing you know, you'll be achieving delightful results.



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