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How to Make Beaded Butterflies and Flowers

Why is the bead so fascinating? Because it has the power to transform ordinary objects into beautiful works of art. When you have created these flowers and butterflies you can attach them to bobby pins and hair bands. Children love to make and wear these wonderful hair accessories. These beaded beauties also make great gifts.

28 gauge wire
Size 11 seed beads
Size 6 seed beads
Bobby pins
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Seam Ribbon
Wire headband
Hot glue gun
Small magnets (optional)

Basic Method:

To make flowers:
Cut a 12 inch length of 28-gauge of wire. Thread twenty size 11 seed beads onto the middle of the wire. Now bend and twist the wire one rotation using your flat-nose pliers to create one petal. Thread twenty more beads and twist again. Repeat this process until you have five petals. Now thread one size 6 seed bead onto the two remaining ends of the wire. Twist petals around the bead and thread wires through petals to secure. These two beads should now be in the center of your flower. Use the remaining wire to attach on the curve of the bobby pin. Snip the ends and flatten with flat nose pliers. You can make mix and matching sets of these bobby pins as gifts or for your own family.

To make butterflies:
You follow the same technique as for the petals. However 2 wings must be larger. Therefore thread 40 beads for 2 wings and 25 beads for the smaller wings. Now for the body, crimp one end of an 8 inch piece of wire and thread on 25 size 11 beads. Bend back three or four beads at the uncrimped end to create the butterfly head. Attach the body to the wings by wrapping a separate 5 inch length of wire around the middle of the wings. Trim left over wire. Attach the butterfly to a bobby pin or a headband. The hair band needs to be covered with a seam ribbon first. Glue ribbon to one end of the head band and wrap around overlapping as you go and glue at opposite end.

These flowers and butterflies could also be turned into little magnets. You can buy small magnets at the craft store. After you've snipped off excess wire attach a magnet in the center with a small dab of hot glue.



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