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The Mouli heart marks

No memories of the man-looking and wandering human forgotten memories and drifting fog and come to dream. Doomed to a life of wandering, and the rest is just a heart light, balanced, warm, nourishing pure Benedict's belief, and that does not break the persistent. The life of the people, always experienced various situation, happy or sad, brilliant, or dejected. When the time like creamy white cloth velvet hastily across from the fingers, trying to hold,

It was only in vain. Leaving only memories. When the spring burn peripheral vision, peach wings Shoulong curtain of dreams, the rain pattering footsteps still able to hear again in the city in the desert. Stray fall for a decade, later owned by robins Hunmu, who unsustainable dream, those who have lost the desire to have disappeared in the wind, and the memory of the rest of the denudation debris, a drop of years, such as Shuididanchuan like the people wounded. Have to admit, the memories of a very mysterious thing, and people like vaccines pain, as time goes on, more and more intense pain, it is necessary to burst. Immerse the past, only to tilt the balance of the mind; looking at the past, only to tidy up the dusty dream.

Do not like to look back and like to look ahead, but the front of the magnificent scenery, we can only once again stop and go back to wait and see when the road, then crushed again and again. For those whose lives are in an unbearable weight, the best way is to choose to forget it. Open the floodgates of memory, adrift in a small river of the past, lamented, all in the past, all the wasted years of falling from the sky like meteors fall of. Was going to each Wang Reservoir Lane has sea air, per the shadow of a stone house has a desert, remember there are some beautiful fragments of a clover, plus my memory is a vast, so the poet said: prairie.

Walking in the autumn field, I think of a poet of Tolstoy Inquiries: All mature must head down it? Some things in life should not be forgotten, such as hot affection, sincere friendship ... mother late at night since you tuck a corner, lost friends in the phrase comfort, such as spring shining tight mind, let strong rainstorm, in the mud up the courage, stride forward the footsteps. When the Yanggu only enough to dry the tears, bleak ago only sigh.
You must remove the tears, followed the setting sun, to find the bright sun. Forget the cold rain filled life lonely dusk, cold and windy alone early in the morning, people depressed sad; remember those warm eyes, soft voice, that then you are successful in your life, such as the stars of the sky as bright and eternal circulation. Mouli heart marks, dash of years, will be able to open the brilliant flowers!