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A pear

Year approached, the father was about to catch my breath, relatives in town who happens to come take a message, that has to be moved to new home, the father in the past to make a helper. Davis, honest and kind, honest, things are willing to make great efforts. The relatives have what heavy work Leihuo, think of the father. I cried to go. Dad said, on a cold day, and far way. Niangshui go go, baby cubs have not been to the city, and the father did not talk again. Early in the morning, your mother to wake father and me. Mother surrounded on when she married wearing red silk cloth in my neck, glutinous rice balls stuffed three just pan go down to my pocket. Niang done that worked out five dollars from a black hand, Parry, asked the father to buy a couple of pounds of paper-packed food, prepared bulk to the New Year's baby cubs, and then buy some kelp, brown sugar or something. The father is an honest man. I bought two packets of harvest brand Cigarette father said the rest of the money? Mother said no, the tobacco of the home. I rubbed his eyes, no longer muddle, rushing to tell me to buy firecrackers. Mother thought Dieshui, Eva cubs, the rest of the money you Lord the cubs love ye ye with, and I'm too lazy to pipe. Outside cold. Snowing, windy. I winced. Renowned for the father, take off the oil black jacket draped over my body, one old and one small creak Ya Ya walked in the road covered with snow. Go for a while, I was a little tired, feel good Shen thin jacket draped over his shoulders. Dad put me back, I smell an good smell of sweat. Father's shoulder and very generous, and warm. I feel like very comfortable lying on the bed, not while asleep. I do not know how long my ass father pinched, sour pain. I opened my eyes and saw a lot of high house. Dieshui county. Dawn soon, not many people in the street, everything seems to sleep in a dream. I looked around, and feel that the county did not write the book as bustling. Several women wearing long clothes to play came by, and I have to wear a long coat Nvdao Shi how Dieshui the city? Dad said, a fool, that is not a long coat, woolen coat. With hindsight, I still think that woolen coats and priests, long black gown makes no difference. Gone for a while, I saw a corner around a few people braving the blue smoke pot in what to buy. I asked the father what that is. Dad said it was fritters. I said, you eat it? Dieshui course, eat. I ask it taste? Dieshui course delicious. I sniffed, really very fragrant smell. I knew it went to the house of a distant relative. Relatives at home is very messy, large bags, where a bunch of. The relatives asked eaten it? Dad said not yet. Relatives frowned, sorry to say, the house last night to put out the fire, you go to the Museum Shop and eat. Dieshui busy busy, still early, the first work it, anyway, not hungry belly. Relatives or new home not far from here, now will be able to move those, when I take the pleasure you a few glasses of wine. Davis is worthy of good labor, designed to pick the big guy heavy guy move. I helped do the butt of a stick, a stick with the father behind. Moved a half, relatives said to me, little guy, very talented. Then they gave me two golden pear, and gave the father of two. I bite a fly from the water, mouth-chun, sweet. The first time I ate so delicious pear, less than half a cigarette effort two pears off the belly. Father smiled at me, Mama forehead of sweat, handed me a. I want to keep the home to eat, but the pear is too tempting, and I stroked it several times, he can not help it and devoured goes. Noon, relatives of things to move those. New home tidy up neatly. The big cold day, father profuse sweating. I saw the father's Han Zhuzi splashdown in several large wardrobe, that bit by bit, flash, flash, brighter than the raven wardrobe. Relatives brought a basin of hot water Dieshui, washed his hands, we go out for dinner. Just go, the door to the sound of firecrackers sounded crunchy, Hershey crowd of men and women into the house. Relatives leave us busy socializing go. The father took me out of relatives came to a Weblog. Dieshui hungry. I nodded. Dad said, you eat glutinous rice balls. My eyes wide open and ask you to help relatives work, regardless of his food to eat this? Dieshui, baby cubs home know what? You did not see people busy? Say, the effort is the more you use the more we do not care about this. I tiger with a straight face, pursed pout, and not say anything. See I am a little upset, Dad said, in this dinner group, Davis went to you to buy firecrackers, okay? I opened a smiling face. Go to the father, and my arms out from glutinous rice balls, slightly hard, but it can endure. I breath after eating three balls, then remembered the father's share of eat. The father came back to buy a couple of pounds of paper covered food, a bag of kelp, half a catty red rum candy. The father was glad to take two short firecrackers handed my hand. Firecrackers wrapped in red paper and Yan Yan to sultry. I am pleased to beat faster. I said: Dad, call me to eat rice balls, you hungry? Dieshui: hungry father, father to eat the fritters. I do not believe the father. Davis begins his pocket, took out two fried fritters wrapped up in newspaper, said: one to give you an give you your mother keep, there is one that I accompanied to eat that pear, incense it. I took a bite fritters really taste is very fragrant. Home, Tianyi little bit dark. Mother deliberately done for our Lord cub with a big leek fried pepper, and refreshing, but also to deliver meals. The father ate Sihai bowl of rice. Early next morning, the father go firewood on the mountain. My mother walked into the room, holding a pear, said to me: your father to your mother bought a pear, eat your New Year Mother do not eat this stuff. I looked at the golden pear want of Niangshui, a move mouth and my throat hard. Later that pear into the hands of the father, the father and give your mother, your mother and then you let me. We did not eat. Last pear rot. That year, I was 12 years old, is also the first time into the city. The county does not leave me a trace of a half cents impression, but I remember that golden pear.

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